Pairpoint Lamp Shade Styles

We give an overview of the Pairpoint lamp shade types on our values page.  Below are 45 of the 100 different shade types used by Pairpoint.  We have a list here of the other lamps without pictures.  The lamp shades below are the types you will most commonly encounter.  Please remember that the artwork could be very different from shade to shade.  When trying to identify which type of shade you have, you need to focus on the shape and style of the shade, not the decoration.  In case you are curious, most of the shade names were originally used by The Pairpoint Company when they were being made in the early 20th century.  Other shades got their names from the earliest collectors and catalogers.  Most collectors have the shade styles memorized.  If you don’t see your exact shade style, then send us an email with pictures of your Pairpoint shade.  We will look it up for you.

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