Free Appraisal for Pairpoint Lamp

We would be happy to give you a free appraisal on your Pairpoint lamp.  Any information we share is based on our professional experience, the current market, and prior sales history.  We need three things in order to move forward with an appraisal.

Pictures – We have to see digital photos of your Pairpoint lamp.  When sending pictures, please send images of your actual lamp.  Pictures of a similar Pairpoint is not enough for us to evaluate your lamp.

Dimensions – Always include the height of the base and the diameter of the shade.  Include measurements in inches.

Damage Disclosure – Glass lamp shades can easily get damaged over the course of a century.  So if your Pairpoint lamp has any chips or cracks, please disclose them.  Anything that looks like an imperfection probably is.  Please let us know if the lamp has been rewired or has had an restoration or replacement parts.

Once we have your specific information then we will respond quickly with a free appraisal of your Pairpoint lamp.  We hope to hear from you soon.

You could also text to 763-360-3608.

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